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News and Events

Displays & Optical Technologies, Inc. is continually developing new products and procedures, as well as improving on earlier designs. We are proud of our accomplishments and the quality of work we produce. As such, each year we attend multiple conferences, trade shows, and conventions to exhibit our products, keep abreast of new technologies and methodologies in optics manufacturing, and shake hands with current and potential customers. Innovation. Achievement. Excellence. We stay on the forefront of our industry so that we may help our customers shine.

Additional Facilities

Mar 13, 2018
DOTI announces that it has leased a new facility to be used as our Interim Staging and Warehouse Site. This will be our marshalling area for large components going into Assembly. This facility will be used while we complete negotiations and construction of a Permanent Facility to house Customer Final Acceptance & Test.

The addition of these two facilities will double DOTI’s working footprint to just over 34000 sq ft. Once the new facility is constructed, DOTI will retain the interim property as a Logistical Staging Site for Major Components and Products.

DOTI is adding Professional and Skilled Production Positions in tandem with these Facilities Enhancements.

DOTI will be making announcements about new Equipment and Processes in 2018.

New Contract

Feb 14, 2018
DOTI has been awarded a contract to supply mirrors into new flight simulation displays to a US manufacturer for large, precise, ground and polished mirror systems. The award is for deliveries in 2018 and is for a total of 8 display systems and over 110 mirrors. DOTI’s manufacturing capability and experience allow for rapid fielding of the displays. DOTI always respects and protects customer identity and privacy unless specifically requested to participate in contract publicity. This contract is one of several that DOTI has earned in the past quarter and marks a significant increase in business in our new manufacturing / size capability. DOTI will be adding additional manufacturing area, equipment, and staff for 2018-2019 and beyond.

Massive Announcement

Dec 12, 2017
DOTI is pleased to announce that we have received confirmation of our first order for two 11’ radius collimating mirror sets. The mirrors will provide 60° Vertical Field of View by more than 200° Horizontal Field of View.

The customer has requested anonymity and for DOTI to withhold the program information until they have time to handle administrative considerations and make their own announcement, at which time DOTI may make further disclosures. We are pleased to be selected and to begin building this segment of our business. Watch DOTI News for further announcements to be made soon.

Something BIG is Coming!

Sep 25, 2017
After extensive design and testing of our custom-built equipment, DOTI is proud to announce that our first 11' radius display is currently in production. These massive mirrors will be made of glass for extra durability and ultra-precision and will have a Field of View greater than 60°V!

More news to come at I/ITSEC 2017!

Expanded Capabilities

Jul 21, 2017

Displays and Optical Technologies, Inc. has expanded our manufacturing capabilities to meet customer demands for larger field of view display components. DOTI is proud to have served the simulation industry over the past 20 years by providing high precision optical components geared toward the most advanced projection display systems.

Because of recent customer requests, DOTI has answered by expanding our manufacturing capabilities by 150%. This expansion was exclusively designed to house upgraded custom machinery capable of producing optical quality spherical glass mirrors for dual eye point displays in excess of 60° vertical field of view. Our custom machines now produce optics with a diagonal up to a 144” and increase our capabilities in formed optics, planar optics, and grinding and polishing.

Our increase in facility space will focus on supplying customers with the highest quality solutions for 9’, 10’, and 11’ fixed and rotary wing applications.